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Makoto Hirose - The SeaPics JAPAN, Inc.

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Makoto Hirose
Makoto Hirose was born in Tokyo, Japan, but spent his childhood in Dusseldorf, West Germany.

In 1988, while he was attending law school at Waseda University in Tokyo, he learned scuba diving and began underwater photography. He was able to go diving in a variety of locations, such as Okinawa, Ogasawara, Palau, Maldives, Indonesia, Greece, among others. In the crystal clear waters, he can feel the natural beauty and comfort of the sea.

While at the university, Makoto met Masa Ushioda. Makoto was destined to become Masa's life-long friend and business partner. After his graduation, Makoto founded e-Photography, a stock photo library which mainly imported and licensed Masa Ushioda's work for commercial use in Japan. Makoto also shoots underwater for his stock photo business, and he does many product shoots in his studio as a commercial photographer for major cosmetic companies.

e-Photography and Makoto's contributions to the Japanese photographic industry were featured in Contemporary Photography in JAPAN Vol. 7, 2006.

With his technical expertise, his love of marine life, and his strong client base in Japan, Makoto was the perfect person to head SeaPics JAPAN, Inc., when it launched in July 2007. The office is located near the electronics town of Akihabara, Tokyo. Please give us a call and stop by when you are in Japan!