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picture of a blue iguana

Blue Iguana or Grand Cayman Iguana Pictures Showing this Highly Endangered Species

Picture of a blue iguana, Cyclura lewisi, Grand Cayman iguana, endemic to Grand Cayman and highly endangered

Picture #: 099152

picture of broad-snouted caiman

Broad-Snouted Caiman Pictures Showing This Highly Endangered Crocodilian


Picture of a broad-snouted caiman, Caiman latirostris, native to the south east region of South America and highly endangered

Picture #: 064384

picture of a fiji banded iguana

Fiji Banded Iguana Pictures Showing this Arboreal Species

Picture of a Fiji banded iguana, Brachylophus fasciatus, head, which lives in Fiji, Tonga, and other Pacific islands

Picture #: 099165

picture of a freshwater crocodile

Freshwater Crocodile Pictures, found in northern regions of Australia


Picture of a freshwater crocodile, Crocodylus johnstoni, Queensland, Australia

Picture #: 005375

picture of a Komodo dragon

Komodo Dragon, the World's Largest Living Lizard, Endangered and Endemic


Picture of a Komodo dragon, Varanus komodoensis, Rinca, Komodo National Park, Indonesia, Pacific, note tongue

Picture #: 041636

picture of a Morelets crocodile

Morelet's Crocodile Pictures, a Small Crocodile from Central America


Picture of a Morelet's crocodile, Crocodylus moreletii, found in Mexico, Belzie and Guatemala

Picture #: 124428

picture of a tuatara

Tuatara Pictures Showing this 'Living Fossil' that Resembles a Lizard


Picture of a tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus, primitive reptile, endangered and endemic, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 014568