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Ocean Pollution, Ocean Garbage, and Marine Debris Photos

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Since the 1940s, plastic use has increased dramatically, resulting in a huge quantity of nearly indestructible, lightweight material floating in the oceans and eventually deposited on beaches worldwide. Marine garbage includes fishing nets, plastics, party balloons, beach toys, general household garbage. Animals eat this garbage and it strangles them or blocks their digestive system causing starvation. Entanglement can also constrict growth and circulation, causing eventual slow death, or trap marine animals within large debris, leading to drowning, starvation or attack by predators. Even if just attached, it slows the animals’ ability to move through the water, and animals starve due to their inability to catch prey.

Pollution can be reduced a number of ways. Many communities have beach-clean-up days. Recycling reduces the amount of trash that is available to go into the ocean.  Care should be taken to make sure that oil from cars, suds from washing, and other pollutants do not go down your storm drain. Any landscaping should be protected until it is stable so that silt does not get washed into rivers and streams. Party balloons should be popped and never released into the air.

Always pick up your trash when you leave the beach.

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picture of trash washed up on Imperial Beach

picture f kelp bass caught in gill net picture of sign warning of polluted fish picture of garbage washed up at South Point

Picture of trash on beach. After winter storms, raw sewage and every possible type of floating trash from modern urban life are flushed down the Tijuana River from Mexico and ultimately end up in the ocean south of Imperial Beach San Diego California.

Picture #: 067465

Image of kelp bass, Paralabrax clathratus, caught in gill net, Los Coronados Islands, Baja California, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 011623

Stock photo of a sign near a Seattle, Washington harbor that warns not to eat bottomfish,crab,and shellfish due to water pollution.

Picture #: 082953

Photo of garbage and marine debris, a cylinder washed up on shore South Point, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 020012

picture of oil spilling from a pipe in Siberia picture of illegal garbage dumo, Hawaii picture inupiat guide Jack Kayotuk standing in front of a test well Picture of paper pulp mill spewing smoke

Picture of oil spilling from pipes and polluting a lake near Niznevartovsk, Khanty Mansiysk, West Siberia, Russia

Picture #: 068832

Image of garbage or debris, an illegal dump site on the slopes of Hualalai volcano Kailua Kona The Big Island of Hawaii, Pacific

Picture #: 098522

Stock photo of inupiat guide Jack Kayotuk standing in front of a test well for crude oil, outside Prudhoe Bay along the Arctic coast, Alaska

Picture #: 100027

Picture of paper pulp mill spewing smoke from processing plant on the Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Picture #: 024746

Picture of run off from development picture of turtle with fibropappiloma tumors picture of painter and environmentalist Wyland picture of algae bloom in Everglades

Picture of run off from development that chokes fringing coral reefs and coastal vegetation, Kimbe Bay, West New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 014565

Image of hawksbill sea turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata, suffering from fibropapilloma tumors, Turtle Hospital, Marathon, Florida

Picture #: 003287

Stock photo of Wyland, a painter renown for his whaling walls, and an environmentalist, as he paints a large canvas of a humpback whale mother, calf & escort, Megaptera novaeangliae, Hawaii

Picture #: 090245

Photo of algae bloom, Eagle Key, Pass Key, Tern Keys, and Park Key, Everglades National Park, Florida Bay, Florida, Gulf of Mexico

Picture #: 004611

Picture of huge truck outside a Pulp Mill in Bratsk picture of a recycling bin for monofilament line picture of juvenile reef octopus living in a wine bottle picture of harbor seals on discarded tire

Picture of huge truck outside a Pulp Mill in Bratsk, Siberia, Russia

Picture #: 068824

Image of a sign asking fishermen to help the environment by recycling their fishing line by placing it in the receptacle provided beneath the sign. Florida,USA

Picture #: 082971

Stock photo of juvenile reef octopus, Octopus cyanea, living in empty wine bottle, Jahir divesite, Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Picture #: 084492

Photo of harbor seals, Phoca Vitulina, on discarded tire in Elliot Bay, Puget Sound, Wahington State, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 076418


picture of Pacific harbor seals on a log raft picture of dolphins trapped in atuna net picture of coal barges on Ohio River picture of the largest oil structure in Norway

Picture of Pacific harbor seals, Phoca vitulina richardsi, on log raft, Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada, East Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 009339

Image of pantropical spotted dolphins, Stenella attenuata, and spinner dolphins, Stenella longirostris, trapped in a tuna net, East Pacific

Picture #: 010884

Stock photo of coal barges on the Ohio River delivering their goods to an electric power plant in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Picture #: 083695

Photo of finger coral, choked off and killed by runoff and siltation, Los Frailes, Sea of Cortez, Mexico, East Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 005482


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