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picture of ocean garbage at South Point Hawaii

Ocean Pollution - Ocean Garbage, Marine Debris, Marine Wildlife Entanglement Pictures

Picture of garbage and marine debris at South Point, Hawaii. Marine debris from around the world washed up on these beaches at South Point due to strong wind and current, Big Island, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean

Picture #: 020014

picture of vog

Vog Pictures and Its Effects on Air Quality

Picture of heavy vog from Kilauea volcano obscuring Kailua Kona harbor with two cruise ships, Hawaii Island, from one mile out to sea - October 10, 2008

Picture #: 089912

picture of Wyland Whaling Wall

Wyland - All of His Whaling Wall Pictures Dedicated to the Marine Environment

Photo of the artist Wyland in Beijing, China, with 'Facts about The Whaling Walls'

Picture #: 109390